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An employer, however, is prohibited from relying on prior salary to justify a pay difference between employees of the opposite sex, or different race or ethnicity, who are performing substantially similar work because that violates the Equal Pay Act.

The remedies under this section shall be in addition to and not in derogation of all other rights and remedies that an applicant may have under any other law.

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Employees are often paid a fixed salary or an hourly wage. What if I think the information in my records is wrong? The consequences for not keeping accurate records should fall on the employer, not the employee, the appellate court said. An employee does not have to file a retaliation claim with the Labor Commissioner before filing an action in court. For these reasons, the EEOC concluded that employers may require such testing before allowing employees to enter the workplace.

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California employers should be prepared to provide such notices. Or mitigating information? CCPA requirements of security safeguards appropriate to the nature of the information to protect the personal information. Solid contracts, good record keeping, and above all compliance with the laws will keep your business running smoothly for generations to come.

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